Webroot antivirus

What is webroot?

Webroot is a forward-thinking product, an antivirus with a unique approach to dealing with online threats. The download-installation procedure is effortless and straightforward. Webroot doesn’t require an up-to-date CPU to work: even a decades-old device will be able to handle it. However, when it comes to the user interface, Webroot leaves a lot to be desired.

How much does webroot cost?

Price-wise, Webroot runs with the pack. Like Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and several others, it costs just under $40 for a one-year subscription. Where a three-license Webroot subscription cost $10 more, the other two ask another $20. Get the webroot software now - webroot.com/safe

benefits of installing webroot

  1. Incredibly fast (and thorough) scans
  2. System impact is minimum
  3. Works with all the popular platforms, including Win, Mac, Android, iOS
  4. URL blocking is on par with the leaders
  5. Relatively friendly interface; abundance of useful features
  6. Long-term plans offer decent discounts